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Puzzle Artist Spotlight: Brittany Wright

Puzzle Artist Spotlight: Brittany Wright

Brittany Wright is a photographer who creates fantastic pieces of art by transforming food into gradients of color. Wright has a keen eye for the hues that food can bring out through their periods of growth and life.

After spending five years repairing computers day-in, day-out, Wright needed to find a creative outlet and reconnect with the passions she put on hold during her years at school. She threw herself into cooking, running through new recipes and new ingredients. At the same time, she also rekindled her love for another old hobby — photography.


Wright was struck by the dynamic variations of flavor and color in the fresh foods she was working with. She created an Instagram and started posting works of “food gradient” art. Her photos quickly went viral and Wright’s unique pieces became an Internet sensation.

Now, Wright says she has a newfound respect for the food she works with. The majority of her ingredients are sourced locally, and a few years ago she took a road trip around the United States to document the local farms of America and communities that rely on them.

In an interview with Edible Seattle, Wright spoke about what she hopes her art can inspire. “A lot of people don’t like vegetables. If I can make them more fun, make it look cool. There’s so much hype in advertisement and the food looks glowing — but what if we made vegetables look that appealing?”

To our delight, Wright’s art translates beautifully into puzzles. As you piece together her food gradients, you feel like you’re going through Wright’s own discovery process. Check out our full collection of Brittany Wright puzzles and try them yourself!

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