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Holiday Puzzle Gift Guide

Holiday Puzzle Gift Guide

If you need help picking out presents this year, look no further! Puzzles are fantastic, unique gifts that can be enjoyed many times and are good for your brain. During this winter season, it’s the perfect time to set up next to the fireplace and work on a holiday-themed puzzle.  

We’ve selected our top Holiday Puzzle picks, with options for everyone. Choose a section or browse them all:

Classic Holiday Scenes

Snow-covered houses with shining windows and smoking chimneys. Bustling roads filled with horse-drawn carriages. Frozen rivers and ponds ready for skating. These are the scenes of Classic Christmas that we remember from our childhoods and from our most treasured stories. Bring them back with this Thomas Kinkade Holiday Puzzle Multipack:

Holiday Books and Movies

Holiday books and movies bring families together. In these stories, every person can connect to messages brought about by holiday spirit. And puzzles using classic book and movie imagery are a great pairing for a family book or movie night. These puzzles by Thomas Kinkade, featuring The Polar Express and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, are two of our favorites.


Holiday Together Time

Holiday books and movies aren’t the only thing that a family can share in. These Together Time puzzles contain multiple piece sizes for different puzzling levels so that everyone can enjoy doing them together! Set against holiday scenes, this is a gift that everyone can enjoy.


Crazy Holiday Fun

Next to every image from a classic holiday memory or story, there’s room for a little bit of merriment. If you know an animal lover, these two Holiday Selfie puzzles are a great gift. They’re fun to put together and even more fun to show around once the image is complete.


There’s still time to get your shopping done with Ceaco! Pick the perfect puzzle and give a thoughtful gift this holiday season. Order now and we’ll include free shipping on all orders over $35.

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