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Gerald Newton

Gerald Newton

Since a very young age, Gerald has always been in awe to the wonders of the natural world and has made it his passion to creatively "capture" it in his art.

Gerald studied graphic design and illustration at Plymouth and Falmouth Schools of art in the UK and then started up as a successful freelance Illustrator.</p><p> He has produced illustrations and designs for numerous wildlife trusts, record companies and publishers; including a number of cover and insert illustrations for established writers and poets. Before he learnt to use the computer Gerald worked in various mediums and styles but now prefers a bold, colourful modern style.

Gerald has always had a fascination for fantasy and science fiction art and writing and has created a large collection of his own paintings in this genre.

Besides his obvious love of art he has a keen interest in astronomy, history, and paleontology and enjoys music and countryside pursuits.

Married, he now works and lives in the rural town of Shrewsbury, UK.