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Brian Cook - Butts on Things - 500 Piece Puzzle

  • $10.99
Sit your butt down and get puzzling! This 500 piece puzzle from illustrator Brian Cook features one of his popular "Butts on Things" illustrations, presenting familiar objects with, uh, unexpected anatomical features. This one features mostly food, but also an erlenmeyer flask and a 20-sided die. The puzzle’s dimensions are 24 x 18. A bonus poster is included. 

Item Number: 2479-1

Piece Count: 500

Puzzle Size: 24 x 18

Box Size: 8 x 8 x 2

Artist: brian-cook

Series Number: 2479

Carton Pack: 6

Carton Size: 7.125 x 8.125 x 13

Carton Weight: 5

Made In: U.S.A.