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EZ 2 Hold - Disney Villain Poster Collage- 500 Oversized Piece Puzzle

  • $10.99

This 500 piece EZ 2 Hold Disney puzzle is titled "Villain Poster Collage". It features six posters featuring iconic Disney villains- Ursula, Cruella DeVille, Scar, Hades, the Evil Queen and Malificent. Each villain has a cheeky phrase on the poster as well. A bonus poster is included. The puzzle’s dimensions are 26 x 19 and it features larger pieces for easier handling. Count on Ceaco for the most Creative, Exciting, and Colorful puzzles since 1987.

Item Number: 2389-16

Piece Count: 500

Puzzle Size: 26 x 19

Box Size:

Series Number: 2389

Carton Pack: 6

Made In: U.S.A.